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Marvel_Contest_of_champions Game

All About How to Hack Marvel Contest of Champions

The alien descendant, artificial intelligence creation of Ultron and Tony Stark, named Vision; thinks that order and chaos are the same. Come to think of it, Vision might be right. Because even in a marvel contest of champions hack we are in a chaos on ways to become the top player, that we need the order of a how to hack marvel contest of champions learning kit. And we think that comics alongside with cartoons, are just a fantasy tale spun together to make non-compliant kids go to sleep.

We have a treasure chest of marvel contest of champions cheats, waiting to be opened by the worthy champion. Question is: can you handle our Marvel contest of champions hack?  We’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

Interesting marvel contest of champions cheats

When playing this game, remember these two words:  Class Bonus. It is a not so uncommon

How to hack marvel contest of champions secret. It gives you an edge by providing you with higher attack damage and protecting your units, by lowering the damage taken from the enemy. The class bonus is a chart of which skill class you units are strong and weak against. Here is the example: Skill > Tech > Mutant > Science > Mystic > Cosmic > Skill. Make sure to consider this chart when you are preparing your troops for battle line ups.

Another Marvel Contest of Champions hack is to know the different ways of getting more quality heroes.

  • Hero of Premium Crystal

These 2 star to 4 star heroes can be acquired by using 100 of your units, to open a hero crystal. You can still get free units when you first complete a stage, then you will be rewarded 100% when you complete any stage. This probably is the highest chances of getting 4 star heroes on the game. Just trust our Marvel contest of champions cheats, and you will be amazing.

  • Hero of Daily Crystal

These are the daily bonus heroes you can claim. But you only have low chances of getting a 3 star hero here.

Hero of Arena Crystal and Event Ranking

Once you reach arena fights, you win arena chips used to buy arena crystals. Although heroes from arena Crystal seldom have 4 star ranking. Meanwhile, you will notice special events that reward players with strong heroes, depending on your ranking. So it is still advisable to follow Marvel Contest of champions cheats and make it a point to always upgrade your heroes.

Cool Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack See Here

Being new in the game, it is normal to be excited on getting to the top. The usual reaction is to upgrade all your heroes at once. And you might even start upgrading from your 1 star troops. DON’T! It’s not worth it. It’s not in your Marvel contest of Champions hack guide. Focus the upgrades on higher star heroes or the rarer ones. For they are the ones with stronger and better skills. Plus you will need to budget your ISO-8, for they are not unlimited.

Another temptation to resist is selling your lower star heroes. Again, DO NOT. ( I bet you don’t usually see this on your how to hack Marvel contest of champions). You can still rotate all of them everyday, just to max out the amount of arena crystals. Plus some battles need lower star troops. So they still come in handy.

Being active in the area a matches pays off. It doesn’t only polish your battle skills, adds your experience and allows you to upgrade your heroes. You will be needing the arena chips and crystals for your other Marvel Contest of champions hack, so just keep on fighting!

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