Pixel Gun 3D To Showcase Your Battlefield Heroics

On a personal note, I am not a voracious fan of computer games or mobile games. Considering a busy, hectic and professionally choked life that most of us have, things such as theme appeared to be quite lame and pointless to me. Notwithstanding this notion, a bland and hum-drum day at office propelled me to try my hands on Pixel Gun 3D and there has been no looking back since then. It changed my self-created and I perceived a lot of thrill and fun in it. Besides thwarting the day-long drudgery, it could uplift my mood and perk me up. That began my long accord with this FPS marvel and it has invariably changed my viewpoint towards the entire spectrum of mobile gaming.

I can hardly remember that day I downloaded Pixel Gun 3D from the App store. There are only two things that grip my mind. Emerging a winner from the multiplayer and survival modes is the primary quest. Since am an adult player shooting in the thrilling multiplayer mode, I found that the things are really jazzed up. The game entails a flourishing community for this mode, and despite the functionality providing identical blocks like mobile shooters, With some pixel gun hack, they remain pretty entertaining.


While progressing to further levels, I discerned that the ammunition was largely moderate. The large maps are quite a compelling diversion but they span temporarily. The Minecraft-centric graphics simply blew my mind. This game is full of positives. On the surface, I couldn’t find much action. It virtually felt like a function booting or progressing. But, I was gladdened by the fun quotient and thrill as the game intensified. The challenging levels are thoroughly enjoyable because they allow to move your arm freely. The game in its core reflects the fascination and love of its developers for the FPS style.

I discerned a very conspicuous facet of Pixel Gun 3D, which is its open chat and messaging system. This can result in inappropriate conversations, heated arguments or bullying. Many parents have expressed their displeasure and disdain at the fact that it glorifies bloodshed and makes it the sole motive. They have opined that it fails to generate or garner a greater purpose. However, that’s outright skeptical and farcical to me. Nobody’s coercing, coaxing or forcing a player to download and play it. The vibrant chant mechanism can indeed be damaging to kids since it could expose them to various things, but that’s how today’s technology is. You choose what you see or else refrain from doing so.

Pixel Gun 3D gives you the thrill and satisfaction of killing evil creatures. I was happy to find the reporting tool or box for objectionable content. You can report your complaint here and the concerted developers or authorities will take care of that. This particular features assures a wholesome gaming experience. Lastly, I downloaded this game for a paltry sum and find it exceeding its worth. The survival mode, though bland at times, is very challenging and enriched with incredibly laborious tasks and mounting levels. The multiplayer mode enabled me to fight my enemies for hours without any time constraints. I enjoyed this part to the brim. The game’s kick lies in the fact that it’s difficult to advance to higher stages, and despite playing it for umpteen times now, it still feels like yesterday!

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