Step Into The World Of Intense Action In Simcity Buildit

In Simcity Buildit, you would be liable of developing your own city which will have real citizens thriving to stay in. With countless buildings and stunning 3D graphics, your time will be absolutely well spent in it. This is in fact a most realistic city builder game that you would find on mobile phones. Creation of resources will lead to immense growth and development of your skyline as well. It is an all new game which is specially designed for mobile phones. From trading resources with cities to unleashing disasters, you name it. Every moment in this game will prove to be absolutely worth it.

What Are The Main Tasks Of A Player In This Game?

As a player, you would be liable of creating new and different cities which would help your citizens to be absolutely content. Following certain effective measures would help you in further advancement of this game. In Simcity Buildit, you as a player would be tasked with varied kinds of distinct challenges to face with. Your prime task would be to develop a bustling and lively city for your citizens to stay in. You would also be allowed to alter terrains of the city, prior to building on it. Such factors are necessary for proper development of cities. Frequent exchanging of resources with your friends and other countries will help in acquiring new and distinct resources. You can also try simcity buildit hack apk but at your risk because not every one provides real things in this internet world. Such factors would prove to be immensely beneficial for development and expansion of your cities.

What Are The Different Developmental Zones?

SimCity Buildit Guide

In this game, it is considered a necessity for players to define developmental zones. There are namely three developmental zones. Defining these zones would basically mean having limits on the kinds of development that can occur there. Development of zones can be performed only if certain special conditions are met like power supply, sufficient availability of transport links or acceptable levels of tax. In Simcity Buildit, first zone is known as Residential Zones. These are mainly green in color which would provide housing for your citizens to live in. Second zone is known as Commercial Zones. These are blue in color and would mainly provide essentials like distinct shops and offices. Finally, third and last zone is known as Industrial Zone. These are yellow in color and mainly responsible for providing factories, laboratories, farms and a host of other essentials.

What Are The Other Vital Features?

Apart from aforementioned factors, there are several other features of this game which makes it all the more entertaining to play. It is best to be aware about certain factors, prior to starting this game. In Simcity Buildit, players are required to start right from the scratch. You would be required to start from a completely undeveloped green field. On this base, you would be required to build your city. Post development of cities, car would be the default forms of transportation systems. Zoning would be liable of separating residential, commercial and industrial land uses. You would also be liable of unleashing varied kinds of disasters on your city like earthquakes, lightning storms and a host of other similar kinds.

How Is This Game Different From Others?

Features of this game itself make it extremely different and unique from other kinds. If you would want to play god, it would be best to try out this game. From building major metropolis style neighborhoods to unlocking exciting and exclusive landmarks, you name it. This game would be able to provide you with varied kinds of unique and exciting elements which would help make your time absolutely well spent. Unlike other games, here you would be liable of unleashing major disasters like UFOs, etc. Presence of such factors thus helps in making this particular game stand out from the rest.

Playing Mobile Strike With The Proper Building Strategies For A Win

If war movies fascinate you, you are sure to fall hook, line, and sinker for the Massive Multiplayer Online game the Mobile Strike. It is a game that helps you gather the resources for a strong military base and then launch into the attack of and conquer other bases as you move on to build a military empire in the world. It is however not some senseless shooting game, but one that calls for calculated move, maneuvering your steps and growing into the powerful military force to reckon with. While doing all of this, however, you are sure to have plenty of fun with your friends too.

Get your priorities clear


By the time you create your Mobile Strike account and change your player’s name, that is essential for other people not to understand that you are not a novice, you will have moved over from the tutorials that will make clear that the game has an internal building part and an external attack part. The fast gathering of resources will play the crucial role in building up your strength. The resources are needed for building your base buildings, the armory, for new technologies to be used for the warfare and also upgrading your troops. The five basic resources are the iron, stone, oil, silver and food. Get in use these mobile strike cheats for your game.

Look for the easy resources

As you continue to build, you move levels with a multiple number of the same structure and the also enough place to store your provisions, arsenal, and the troops. You can scout the world map for the resources, and the button is on the left bottom corner of your screen. As you build, you will also find the research facility that will enable you to bolster your building. The other important aspect while the building is to keep an eye on the Commander Level. There is the commander tree that will help you with the research.

Maxing of the skills

One of the best ways to get the best upgrade is to max out the Research and the Construction 1 and then move to the right side of the tree.This will help you in moving to the next level of research. The more skills that you max out in the tree, the more points you get. But there are some skills that give more points and it is better to max these instead of spending time on the smaller ones with less points. The moving of the Levels is crucial as you build and gather the reward of the provisions like food and armors.

Planning your buildings well

You should also destroy some buildings as you build the Farms, Quarries, Mines and Wells. It will help you gather more rewards taking you close to 50,000 powers. The building of the Hospitals and Training Grounds are equally crucial. In the case of an attack, the troops that are dead outside the base are permanently dead. Having sufficient hospital beds will ensure that your troops do not die while within the base. This will save you both, money as well as time so that you do not have to devote resources for rebuilding your troop from the scratch.